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Attaching yourself to the vision of your ultimate dream space.

“Your vision will become clear, only when you look into your heart.”

Having a personal vision in mind of the home you’d love to live in, guides your life and gives you direction about the choices you make in order to see it come to life.

Think of your vision as a bridge to seeing out your dreams and making them a reality. Without that clear vision, we are being tossed around by the wind. When we have the courage to get crystal clear on what we want, we now have a direction in which to go. It is a pathway into manifesting what it is you truly desire. It is a way to start attracting these things towards you AND start living into the person you need to be in order to get there.

Your thoughts are how you use your free will to harness the power of the universe, God, Spirit, whoever your higher power is. You are the creator of your reality by the things you choose to believe, the thoughts you choose to think and the opportunities you choose to take. Just as your thoughts have created your current reality, you can also use them to harness the power to manifest whatever reality you set your mind to.

Everything you can think of, already exists for you. If you have a dream or idea of a home you’d love to live in, the activities you want to take part in, the experiences you want to enjoy, they’re there in your mind because they are available to you And they are yours for the taking. It is through our minds and how our thoughts inspire us to take action that our wildest dreams can begin to take shape.

In order to do this exercise, you’ll first want to clear your mind. Set aside time and space where you can let go of all distractions. Light candles, sniff some oils, put on relaxing music, do what you need to do to feel calm and centered and most importantly, breath deeply, over and over and over again. Once you start to feel more grounded and calm. Start to tap into your imagination.

Imagine yourself five years into the future.... you have been transported into your ideal life. You are living your dream! You feel on top of the world — you have reached your largest goals, you have hit your fortune, you are surrounded by people who lift you up, you are fulfilled, and you are experiencing blessings in every area of your life.

So then, how does this feel? Where do you live? What does your home look like? Feel like? What kind of furniture is there? What’s the decor like? Who is with you? What color are the walls? What character does your home have? What’s your favorite room? Where do you go to escape? What do you see outside of your windows? How big are those windows? What do you do with your time there? Who comes to visit you? Do you like to entertain? What do you where? What does your closet look like? Your bathrooms?

Picture all of these things as if they’re happening in the present and write everything down. A day in the life of you. From sunrise to sundown. Hold nothing back, even the things that feel silly or out of reach, they’re there in your mind and heart for a reason. Let your pen flow.

Once you are done this exercise, put all of your thoughts into a day in the life story.....for example....It is Friday morning, I‘m waking up to the most gorgeous sunset overlooking the water of my custom built farmhouse...

Once your entire day is written out with the details of your life and home, read it out loud while recording your voice, you’re creating your own guided meditation that you can listen to and envision and expand on every single day of your life so that you are constantly reminded of your dreams and why you are working to achieve them And then my friend, you will start living them out. This is the first step in manifesting your reality. You’re worth it to take the time to stretch your mind and do this. Your future self will thank you. Xo

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