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DIY Bathroom Design for under $200

I’ve lived in our current home for 5 years, while we’ve done many projects so far, our first floor bathroom wasn't on the top of the list. The main reason being is because it has pretty good bones AND i felt as thought the only thing that could save it was a big old jack hammer. That is, until the days deep into the Covid 19 pandemic when googling things became a part time job for me. I was sitting on the couch one morning with my coffee, my bathroom in view and I just couldn’t quite take it anymore. "There’s got to be a way", i thought. There’s got to be a way to make it look a little more pleasing without having to do a big old reno.

In comes, Homax: Tough as Tile

Here's the before images:

And so it began, within 48 hours i had newly a painted sink, countertop and surrounding tiles.

Here are the glorious afters:

and the total finished product:

Now I'll share how i did it and how you can too.

My personal recs for applying the Tough as Tile paint: read all directions and take them seriously. This isn’t a job you want to half ass, you’ve got to go in it with full patience and determination to get it done right. You can do this. Use a paint brush that has a nice angle to it and also does not shed. Be very very aware and careful that this product can sag over time so do not overdue it when it comes to applying, its better to have to do more layers than expected than try to get it all done in 1 or 2 layer. My project took 4 layers, with 3 hour drying times between each layer. If you mess up, which i did a few times, you can remove it with nail polish remover either immediately or after it has dried completely.

Now onto the countertop. I was going to originally put an adhesive over our countertop, they have some beautiful ones online at The Home Depot but I was a little worried given the shape of our countertop, that it wouldn’t come out as smoothly as I desired so, I boldly used the same paint that I used for the sink to do the counters (over laminate) and it came out beautifully as well, after 3 coats.

Next was the vanity. It was an off white color, installed in the 70’s. I wanted to bring a more modern look to it. In comes Hale Navy by #Benjaminmoore. I can't say enough about this color and quality. I purchased it in matte because I wanted it to look as original as possible. I removed the cabinets first and spray painted the hinges with Rust-Oleum Spray Paint in Pure Gold. Then used two coats of the navy all over.

To give the vanity a more updated look, I also added some hardware. I chose 4 of these Drawer Pulls.

Now comes the medicine cabinet.

It had to come down. Behind it we found original wall paper and a wonderful hole.

New levels new devils. I peeled the wallpaper layer by layer and what I couldn’t remove, I soaked in water with a sponge and then scraped off with a paint scraper. I then cut a clean rectangle, reveling the studs (ok, not me, my husband) and applied some new drywall where the hole was, sealing it in and then sanding it down with an electric sander.

I freshly painted the wall with Behr Sandstone cove and got this beautiful mirror from target. Accessories, mostly from #HomeGoods &#Target were then added to complete the look. This charger & Pink candle:from target. Rug, basket, waste basket and wall decor are all from #HomeGoods. Gold Hand mirror was my grandmother's and orchid & succlant were a gift given to me from good friends.

There you have it, a gorgeous bathroom that brings joy! I hope your's brings you joy too, if not, know that a joyful bathroom is about a week away if you have the courage to pursue it.

You've got this and it's worth your time. ;)

Links to Items purchased:

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