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Simple steps for painting your brick fireplace white this weekend.

I’m getting right down to business here because i appreciate that in a tutorial too.

First things first, supplies:

Behr Interior/Exterior Masonry, stucco and brick paint in White

9 inch paint roller

3/4 in nap roller insert for rough surfaces (premium shedless knit)

Rutland Brick and stone cleaner

9 pack of foam flat multiple pain’t brush set

Loctite Power Grab Adhesive in white (caulking)

Step 1: Make sure your surface is clean. First I vacuumed the brick meticulously then I used Rutland brick cleaner and a shed-less cleaning rag and then vacuumed again.

Step 2: prep surroundings. tape floor + wall surfaces where you Don’t want paint to travel to. Lay down your Sheet, move any nearby furniture etc.

Step 3: Begin. I started the first coat with the roller on all brick surfaces. The trickiest and most meticulous part is getting into the grout between the brick. It’s a very coarse area so regular paint brushes were not doing the trick, i say dont even bother with a brush. A sponge brush was the best for this and also was helpful in getting into more narrow areas and great for all over coverage.

Notes. The majority of the work here is the sponge brushing in between brick and into any divits on the brick. I carved out an hour at a time or 30 minutes here and there over a long weekend to just sponge brush, layer by layer, brick by brick. Between each layer or sponge brushing I’d use another layer of paint with the roller. It took about 3 layers of sponging in between the paint and all over coverage with the roller to get the job complete and get the brick to the level of white i wanted to.

Step 4 : caulking the larger holes. Our fireplace had some larger separations or holes between the brick that the paint wasnt going to fill. For this, i used a white caulking . It works amazingly for any large holes, dents, separations in the brick and it was truly the icing on the cake for me. I’d press it right into the hole and smooth it out with my fingers, it was great for evening-out areas of the brick that were a little uneven as well! Can’t say enough about this step.

Painting your brick can be a long weekend job if you set aside time and stay committed to it. It felt overwhelming to me at first but i just kept at it and i am more than happy and surprised by the results. I now look at it and truly smile And I’m so happy i followed through, it has brightened up my family room so much, (Just look at this before and after)!

I can’t wait to see your newly finished space! Feel free to ask any specifics below. Happy Painting!

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