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Simple ways to refresh your guest bedroom

When a room is Intentionally put together, it is more calming for all those who enter.

Like always, getting right down to business with some ideas of how to move forward when refreshing a bedroom.

  1. Pick your inspiration/ your end goal. Find an image on Pinterest or instagram that you love, one that peeks your curiosity and gets you feeling a certain way. Look for color scheme, vibe, something you connect with, the simpler the better so that you don’t get overwhelmed in the recreation. Make sure to consider your location too, you want it somewhat cohesive with your natural surroundings and the rest of your home. Use your inspiration as a guide but never follow it piece by piece, to create a space that’s authentic to you and YOU feel good in, you must follow your own instincts once the creative process begins.

  2. walls. If you know that its a room that doesn’t get much sunlight and feels kinda drab, go with a lighter wall color such as a white or a soft neutral. Neautrals can be very calming in bedrooms because they settle the mind.

  3. Overall feel of the room. What mood do you want to create? Do you want bright and airy? Do you want woodsy and comfortable? beachy and cool? Minimal and clean? Eclectic and colorful? Cozy and dreamy? Etc.

  4. Color scheme. Based on your answers in steps 1 & 3, Pick 3 accent colors that you really like and can tie into one another and the vibe you chose. To help with this, you can search for a color palette on Pinterest. It will have corresponding colors that compliment each other. Then make the rest pretty neutral tones so that your colors pop and the neutrals also add a nice calming effect.

  5. Add different textures; different fabrics and textures add depth to a room, they draw you inward, this is especially important for a bedroom because you want to feel drawn to it, right?!

  6. Simple Items to refresh with (some you can find already in your home): comforter, throw blanket, throw pillows, Area rug, Greenery, lamps, art, bench. When collecting these things, ask yourself, is this going to help me achieve my overall look and feeling?

And lastly, when a room is intentionally put together, it instantly calms the mind. Double check that everything balances out and is there for a reason; creating your intentional room.

Check my refresh below!



There you have it! A refreshed room. Let me know how it goes!

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